Apache HTTP Server 2.4.9

Apache HTTP Server 2.4.8 发布才近2天的时间,官方已经移除了该版本,取而代之的是Apache HTTP Server 2.4.9,做Apache HTTP Server Pre-Release Test Versions页面可以看到Apache HTTP Server 2.4.9已经出现,不知道该版本会不会下一个正式版本。

Apache HTTP Server 2.4.9
Apache HTTP Server 2.4.9

Changes with Apache 2.4.9

*) mod_ssl: Work around a bug in some older versions of OpenSSL that
would cause a crash in SSL_get_certificate for servers where the
certificate hadn't been sent. [Stephen Henson]

*) mod_lua: Add a fixups hook that checks if the original request is intended
for LuaMapHandler. This fixes a bug where FallbackResource invalidates the
LuaMapHandler directive in certain cases by changing the URI before the map
handler code executes [Daniel Gruno, Daniel Ferradal ].



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